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ONCE UPON A TIME… on a chilly February morning (over coffee & a coke of course) two hockey moms decided to bring our love of re-purposing, our fixation with junk and our passion for farmhouse chic to our own corner of southern Minnesota!  Why not us?  


Our goal is to create a celebration of makers, small businesses and junkers, repurposers/flippers!  A shopping experience you can find those treasures that make you want to strap them to the front of your vehicle for the ride home.  Oh, and have fun.  Lots & lots of fun.



Wendy is “The Rustic Door” & has been repurposing  furniture  for over a decade.  Her fabulous holiday sale & pop ups have their own cult following.  She runs facebook/Owatonna Buy & Sell and also has a new baby, her trailer named Jeannie....and she's a looker!    


Julee is “mama jules” and has been in garage therapy for over 10 years.  She creates and repurposes junk and never has enough room.  She is THRILLED to bring their vision  to Owatonna thru events, markets, etc.   


Together they are The Rustic Mamas.  Ta Daaaa!


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The Rustic Mamas

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